Three Keys to De-Risking Your SAP Migration

To migrate or not to migrate? That is the question on the minds of virtually every SAP customer who has not yet migrated to the cloud or SAP HANA®. However, for most customers, this question is premature. Before you consider migrating, you should first ask yourself, “Am I even ready to migrate?”

Unfortunately, for most companies, the answer is “no.” There are three areas where most organizations fall short today with SAP management that can turn any migration into chaos.

The following white paper uncovers these critical elements to get right before considering a migration.

Download your copy today and learn how you can maximize these three elements, and set your organization up for success from the beginning.

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New England BioLabs enables business growth with SAP S/4HANA in the Cloud

“We are confident that we now have a ‘total package’ partner with advanced security, the right experience and expertise, and a support staff just a phone call away who can help us meet our goals. Symmetry’s deep expertise and proven experience with SAP® HANA is enabling us to execute our IT strategy.”

— Sharon Kaiser, CIO, New England Biolabs



“We needed a partner that could work with us and adapt to our needs as they changed, and for us, that’s Symmetry.”

– Tom Coleman, CIO, Sloan Valve


Clients first.


We are relentlessly focused on our clients and readily adapt to their changing requirements – even if it’s “off contract.” 


Hire the best.


We only hire the very best, most experienced SAP experts, and that’s the level of expertise our clients can expect – they never have to worry about being assigned a “B” team. 


Agility is king.


Our clients’ business and technology needs are always changing – by the week, by the day, even by the hour. 


Lead the market.

We’re always identifying, exploring and analyzing new trends, even before they happen. 


Global scope, local service.

We can support our clients and their SAP implementations on a global scale, but we always deliver local-caliber service.